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There are many excellent adventure travel companies in the why travel with us? Let's start with our knowledgeable and fun-loving guides, add in our distinctive lodging and meals to die for, and consider our commitment to sustainability and responsible travel.  Put it all together and we think we match up quite favorably with the other guys.

But don't ask us—ask our past guests.   We're more than happy to provide you with a few references from guest reviews for any of our itineraries.

Traveling with kids? Traveled with us before?  Thinking about referring someone to us?  Our savings and discounts and frequent traveler program are just two more reasons to choose The World Outdoors for your next adventure.

Our Guides Set Us Apart

Athlete, naturalist, entertainer, medic, mechanic, historian, storyteller, and chef are among the things we expect our guides to be. Often they are much more. What you can expect from The World Outdoors' guides is an acute attention to detail and a natural ability for inspiring fun, fostering camaraderie, and creating the perfect vacation for you. They're special folks whose infectious enthusiasm for people and the outdoors makes the difference between a good trip and an extraordinary one.

"The World Outdoors guides are in a word, awesome! Rather than act like typical tour guides, they treated guests like close friends and did everything they could to ensure that everyone's needs were met."
— S. Small, CA

"We appreciated the excellent work that your guides did, not only with regard to their knowledge and skills in the wilderness, but also their quick and excellent reading of the group dynamic. Your guides displayed a remarkable flexibility and adaptability to changing needs and situations within the group, so that everyone could have a great time."
— J. Sollo, VA

Safety First

We are very proud of our impeccable safety record. Our vans and equipment are travel-tested and maintained to the highest standards. All of our guides are Wilderness First Responders, a nationally recognized certification requiring 72 hours of intensive backcountry medical training. With any new activity you try, our guides provide all the instruction you'll need for a safe, enjoyable experience.

"I really appreciated the support and encouragement offered by the guides. Their patience and assistance helped stretch the limits of what I thought I was capable of."
— J. Gordon, CA

Your Outdoor Classroom

Learn through new experiences! Not only will you have the time of your life, you'll also discover the charm, traditions, history, and culture of the places we go while learning a thing or two about the natural world and, more than likely, yourself. Are you interested in improving your cycling efficiency? Learning the geological history of the Grand Canyon? Understanding the difference between a glacier and an icefield? Or knowing the history of the Anasazi Indians? Our guides' extensive regional knowledge will keep you entertained and informed from day one!

"An enriching as well as exhilarating experience I will relive over and over again. Thank you."
— Gail Marshak, NJ

Home Office - Boulder, Colorado

Our trip planning process is meticulous with no detail overlooked. The World Outdoors operates like a well-run expedition, embracing teamwork, initiative, innovation, and the commitment to succeed. We'll help you to select and prepare for the vacation that is right for you. We design all of our trips to deliver a rewarding personal experience...trips that afford you the opportunity to discover new places, learn new things and conquer new challenges in a relaxed and fun environment.

"Scenery to take your breath away and not a care in the world due to the miraculous behind-the-scenes planning of every detail. As much as I detest the word 'AWESOME' is the only way to describe my experience."
— S. Hellberg, London

"Overall, the trip was incredible. Much more than I expected! Obviously, much planning goes into these trips and The World Outdoors goes to great lengths to provide a well-coordinated trip."
— K. Shaw, GA

Home Away from Home

At The World Outdoors we love what we do and our friendly team's foremost goal is to make your vacation extraordinary! Perhaps the most distinguishing aspect of our company's personality is our down-to-earth approach to active travel. From the office to the field, our staff of warm, hospitable hosts pride themselves in delivering personal service and treating our guests like close friends -- ensuring everyone feels right at home!

"Great trip! We met the most wonderful people in our group. I felt after five days, I had known these people all my life."
— S. Tilman, MD

Unsurpassed Service and Support

The World Outdoors' first priority is serving your needs. Our desire to exceed your expectations is carried into all aspects of our trips -- from planning each day's activities and routes to ensuring your safety and comfort. Though you may not be aware of what happens behind the scenes, we are certain you will have a comforting sense of being well cared for.

On our cycling days, The World Outdoors passenger van and custom-designed supply trailer is nearby to provide a lift or a respite of cold drinks and snacks. The other guide cycles with the group, providing mechanical assistance, tips on cycling and insight into the local area.

When we hike, The World Outdoors guides generally carry all the goodies for our sumptuous backcountry picnics. You need to carry little more than a camera, water bottle and extra clothing. Whatever the activity, we go the extra mile to deliver an unforgettable experience.

"Participants travel in a comfortable van, but the majority of their time is spent getting up close with nature, not watching it pass by."
— Stacy Small, CA

References are Available Upon Request

Half of our guests each year become repeat customers or were referred by a previous guest. For years we've maintained this standard, and this is the single best testimony to the quality, value and personal attention we lavish on our guests. If you haven't taken a trip with The World Outdoors, then we have hundreds of past customers who would love to tell you about their experience. Call about any of our trips and we'll be happy to refer you to a guest who's been there with us.

"I've taken three trips with The World Outdoors with a fourth one coming up. I haven't repeated with any other company -- that says it all. I've never had the same guide on any of your trips to date but they've been consistently excellent -- quite a track record!"
— B. Brady, MA

"I have traveled to many places and have done the 'out of the ordinary' vacations, but this is one that will be forever in my book of the best. Being in the hospitality business myself, I wanted to be taken care of, and I was in great need of a new adventure. Your staff fulfilled that."
— L. Dickerson, IN

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