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Mont Blanc Adventure

Explore the amazing Mont Blanc region

From Mont Blanc's glacier-clad 15,771' summit, the highest in Western Europe, sublime alpine valleys radiate to three countries creating some of the most awe-inspiring mountain landscapes on the planet. This is the ultimate place to take in the European Alps experience. Not only will be circle this great peak but we add sea kayaking and biking to gain a greater perspective on French, Swiss, and Italian landscape, culture, and cuisine.

Trip Details

12 Days / 11 Nights

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  • Price :

    From $6,499 Per Person
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  • Gateway City:

    Geneva, Switzerland
  • Meeting Place:

    Geneva, Switzerland


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  1. Hiking (6 full days)
  2. Sea Kayaking (1 half day)
  3. Biking (1 half day)

Inn Highlights :

We stay at simple auberges chosen for their location and alpine ambience. Locations are filled with quaint European Alp charm.

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