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Latin America / Ecuador

Galapagos Catamaran or Yacht Adventure Cruise

Cruise, Wildlife Viewing, Hiking, Swimming, and Snorkeling

Explore the islands that inspired Darwin. Experience wildlife that doesn't fear people and is so diverse and abundant you'll have to watch your step to avoid disturbing a napping sea lion or resting iguana!

Days 1-4: Galapagos Islands

This morning we're off on the 90-minute flight to the Galapagos! While your exact itinerary depends on your cruise and Galapagos National Park regulations, the following islands and activities are all possibilities:

Baltra:  Former World War II U.S. military base and now the location of Galapagos's main international airport, it's where you'll probably arrive and depart the islands.

Santa Cruz:  Visit the Charles Darwin Research Center, learn about their preservation work and admire the giant tortoises in their breeding program. We explore the island's lush volcanic highlands where wild giant tortoises graze and the island's mangrove-flanked channels and shore looking for land iguanas, green sea turtles, sea lions and schools of spotted eagle rays and golden rays.

Bartolome:  An otherworldly volcanic landscape where lava, mangroves and golden sands converge. Fun hikes and fantastic views plus a chance to snorkel with penguins--a tropical oxymoron!

Santiago:  Home to Galapagos fur seals and some of the best "tide pooling" in the islands. Good opportunities to see herons and marine iguanas grazing among red sally light-foot crabs. Swim and snorkel with octopus, sea horses and star fish.

Isabela:  Largest island in the archipelago, its dramatic landscape was formed by six volcanoes. We visit saltwater lagoons, home to flamingos, and investigate Isabela's caves and shoreline on the watch for penguins, dolphins, whales, sea turtles and the elusive ocean sunfish.

Fernandina:  The youngest island, Punta Espinoza is a marine iguana heaven where we see them with sally-light foot crabs, flightless cormorants, Galapagos penguins and sea lions, all with Isabela's stunning volcanoes as a backdrop.

Floreana:  Great snorkeling with friendly sea lions. We see flamingos, pintail ducks, swallow-tailed gulls and marine iguanas. "Post Office" Bay is where an empty barrel was set up by an English sea captain in 1793 as an informal postal exchange. Visitors continue the tradition and put unstamped mail in the barrel in hope its reaches its destinations for free.

Espanola:  Snorkel and stroll the island's lava fields and lovely beaches--sea lions, marine iguanas, manta rays, white-tipped reef sharks. Great birding with hooded mockingbirds, Galapagos hawks, Darwin finches, red-billed tropic birds, blue-footed and Nazca boobies and the world largest colony of waved albatross.

San Cristobal:  Location of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, the capital of Galapagos Province. We visit its Interpretation Center and little Lobos Island, a favorite spot to snorkel with sea lions.

We disembark and fly back to Quito on the final day.

These cruises are available in 4, 5, 6 and 8-day itineraries. See the drop down box below Trip Details for dates and pricing. The Detailed Itineraries link will provide the list of islands visited by each ship's itinerary.

Trip Details

4 Days / 3 Nights

  • Trip Type:

    Adventure Cruise
  • Trip Rating:

  • Price :

    Standard Cabin (main deck): $2310

    Suite Cabin (upper deck): $2835
  • Single Supplement:

    75% surcharge
  • Gateway City:

    Quito, Ecuador
  • Meeting Place:

    Baltra Airport in the Galapagos


  • No upcoming dates


  1. Cruise
  2. Hiking
  3. Swimming
  4. Snorkeling
  5. Wildlife Viewing
  6. Sea Kayaking
  7. Diving (optional)

Highlights :

The Galapagos Seaman Journey is an expeditionary first class motor catamaran built in 2008 and offers comfortable accommodations in 6 standard cabins on the main deck (150 sq. ft) and 2 suite cabins on the upper deck (193 sq. ft). All cabins have private baths, air conditioning, U.S. standard 110v / 220v power, locker and closet. She features a comfortable dining room, upper deck outdoor bar, lounge with TV, DVD player and stereo system plus a Jacuzzi and spacious sun deck.

The Odyssey is a new Luxury Class yacht built in 2008. It has 4 decks and all cabins feature private bathrooms, individually controlled air-conditioning, hot and cold water, desk, sofa, U.S. standard 110v / 220v power, mini-bar and closet. The 8 standard cabins on main deck and upper deck average 220 sq. ft. with 3 picture windows that can open to the breeze. Six have lower twin beds, 2 have one lower double bed. Single cabins are located on the lower deck. Social areas on the main deck include a spacious lounge, dining area, bar, library and shaded terrace for al-fresco dining. The upper deck has an outdoor bar and shaded terrace and the sun deck features a Jacuzzi hot tub.

The brand new Grand Odyssey is set to make its maiden voyage on February 1, 2011. The Grand Odyssey can house 16 passengers in 9 suite-styled cabins. Each ample cabin is 272 square feet and is equipped with wide windows, your own private bathroom, hot water, air conditioner, mini bar, tv, and the option to choose between two twin beds or a matrimonial bed. Our yacht offers a spacious shaded area and a sundeck with two Jacuzzis. The spa offers a variety of massage and therapy services. The social area includes a lounge and a book and video library.

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