Why Travel with Backroads

At Backroads, we’re truly passionate about active travel. There’s just something about exploring the world actively that makes life even sweeter. Maybe it’s the exhilaration of journeying under your own power. Or the satisfaction of slowing down and taking the time to soak it all in. Or perhaps it’s simply the joy of discovering what’s around the next bend. Whatever it is, we love it. And we think you’ll love it too.

When you explore your destination actively, you’re fully immersed in its sights, sounds, scents and subtle daily rhythms. With your feet or wheels in motion, pedaling from vineyards to medieval hill towns, hiking through glacier-scoured valleys or past emerald-green rice fields where farmers pause to give you a curious glance, you’re able to experience an area with an immediacy you just don’t get from behind a steering wheel or through a train window. And along the way you’ll enjoy the support, camaraderie and deep regional expertise of talented Backroads Trip Leaders. They’ll introduce you to their local friends and immerse you in fascinating cultures. They’ll energize you with their passion for being active in the outdoors. They’ll motivate you and perhaps even inspire you to do more than you ever thought you could achieve. Best of all, they join you in having FUN. Come discover the world in unforgettable close-ups with Backroads.

Our Philosophy

When Tom Hale started Backroads in 1979, his goal was to create extraordinary trips for his guests. Today, the company still aims to be the most guest-focused business out there. While spread across the globe, everyone at Backroads—from expert trip designers and engaging leaders to skilled bike mechanics and stellar guest service consultants—is dedicated to a singular vision: making your trip the best it can be.

ThoughtfullY Designed

Backroads trip designers possess the ideal balance of passion, intuition and high-level expertise to create truly remarkable experiences that provide an overall sense of journey while leaving you free to add your own unique imprint. During the hundreds of behind-the-scenes hours that go into crafting each itinerary, they find the right blend of activities to showcase the best of a region, creating a rich tapestry that you can explore as fully as you wish. Having all been Trip Leaders, they've seen firsthand what guests find most meaningful. Tom Hale works closely with each trip designer, scrutinizing the details to ensure that each experience meets Backroads’ gold standard for trip design.

Lodging and Dining

Whether it's an elegant Premiere Hotel set in a former royal château or a welcoming Casual Hotel renowned for its unmatched mountain views or a serene lakeside campground with a private beach for swimming, Backroads' team of trip designers and Trip Experts makes sure you stay at the ideal places to experience the best of each region.